Thursday, July 4, 2013

Update + June 'game' released.

Just a quick update after way to long. I have been busy and have managed mainly to make some prototypes in the last few months.
The positive side is that I have been working in games this first half year and learned a whole lot. Both on the actual creating games part as to what games I actually like to make.

I have uploaded the game for June for the One game a month challenge, and as stated before it is just a prototype of a brawler like game.
While I had some more time to work on the game I decided to start working on the next game a bit early.

I hope to give some post-mortems about the games/prototypes from previous months. To discuss what I feel went right and what went wrong.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February game uploaded

This month I have been working on a prototype town building game set in the old west. You can place buildings and watch people go to work and to the saloon etc. You can 'play' the prototype here.

The result works quite well technically, but it is not much of a game yet. I am happy with how the month went I learned a lot with this game.

 I made much better use of the component based design of Unity, mainly because I started using the message system. For example when a building is completely build by a builder, it will send a message to all the components in the building that the building was completed, such that they can activate themselves.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Just a small progress update on my new #1GAM game.

I have added most of the essentials from the previous post. The only one not done is that some units target the mothership and not enemy fighters, but this should not be that hard to do.

From the nice to have features I made a start with the Allied ships and while they are working they suffer from the same limitations the enemies have so hopefully I have some time to improve the AI.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Change of plans

I have decided to postpone my original January game to April for now. Mainly because it turned out I had less time left to spend on the game then I hoped and the random nature of the game made it hard to create a smaller version. So instead of delivering a half working prototype I moved that game to April which gives me more time to finish it to my satisfaction.

Space shooter

To not immediately fail the 1GAM challenge I started working on a smaller game for January. The January game is now a sort of space shooter where waves of enemies try to attack your mother ship and you have to defend it. For now I have the basic controls working and a very simple AI. This weekend I will hope to finish  the basics of the game which means adding the following.


  1. Add mother ship
  2. Let some enemies (bombers) go after the mothership and ignore the player
  3. Win and gameover conditions
  4. Waves of enemies

Nice to have:

  1. Smarter enemy Ai
  2. Allied ships
  3. Improved graphics
  4. Mothership, Ally and player ship upgrades
  5. Switch to allies ship on player death
  6. Point system
  7. Different levels

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alpha online

Hoorah, I made my deadline to have the first playable version online by Sunday! It is a really rough version, but you can win and lose so I guess you can already call it a game.

This week I will start expanding the options the player has.
I have been thinking about adding some of the following options:
- Maybe add some ability/skill tree and level up system.
- Items and shops
- Extra options for the encounters (healing, temporary bonus, map information)
- Towns as special locations where you can access shops/tavern etc.

Furthermore it is impossible for the player to form any kind of strategy at the moment. I think the main cause is that the player does not get any information about what to expect for the encounters. I will probably add some graphics to show different kind of regions and make the encounters appropriate for that region.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Progress update January game

I am currently working on the basic game-play  The player will control a party of heroes and visit different locations with different encounters. The encounters are a bit similar to FTL where you get a small piece of text and then some options. I would like to actually create chains of these encounters, but that will probably prove to much work to complete this month.

For the combat part I will probably keep it completely automatic for now as I plan to spend February on the actual combat.

I hope to have a basic playable version this Sunday, after that I will start adding some polish like graphics, sound a main menu etc. and add some more content like encounters, enemies and allies.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adding random names

After playing around with creating a random name generator for cities and towns I have ended up with the following result, you can also see some temporary UI.